About Us
We would like to highlight here as to how we want to maximize our efforts towards enabling Green IT, how will it help your organization and what is the long term goal we would like to jointly achieve and how does it relate to the name of our organization.  Green IT is a term largely misused today by many people in our industry and we all really need to contribute our bit to the same in whatever best possible mechanism we can that’s the reason our solution offerings largely are going to be hovering around not only your point product requirements but we also would be acting as a consultant in designing your solutions in such a way that your associated costs go down because many a times these are invisible to us even though we plan for all of them.  Today the concern for all us is – Space, Power and Cooling. Which in the longer run can prove to be very expensive and effect our ROI / TCO strongly so in order to provide you the best possible TCO and a faster ROI we will try our best to get aligned with your requirements and provide you solutions which are more towards supporting the Green IT revolution and as the color of optimism is Green hence we have named our organization as OTSPL.

You can regard us as an extended arm for your business / IT  needs and you can also regard us for your security and storage outsourcing operations and having said that whilst we can save a lot of your investment with the help of our chosen few “Green Solutions”, we can also be of help to your organization when it actually comes to outsourcing your entire security and storage requirements which we manage for you, without having to have any staff of your own, with all the Tools / Collaboration you ever wanted to startup / expand your business.

We have various solutions offerings in the area of Network Security, Storage Solutions, Wi-Fi and Data Centre. Also we cover every aspect of your network right from your desktops / laptops / servers / perimeter or your branch offices which in totality is your WAN.

Its all about Solution and not just Product.